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How To Sell Contemporary Art Online

Contemporary art is a hot topic in the art industry these days, and if you are an artist trying to establish yourself and get your art online you might be wondering, “Just what is contemporary art?” Contemporary art is defined as art that has been created during our lifetime, in other words art that is contemporary to us. Generally speaking this means any art from 1970 to present; 1970 is the commonly recognized cut off year because it is about this time that movements such as Postmodernism became widely known and thus indicated the end of the Modern art era.As you’ve just read, there are differences between types of art, which if you are an artist you’re probably nodding your understanding of this. The question now is whether or not you know how to correctly label your art? In order to market your art online you need to be able to classify it in the correct category, tag it appropriately, and know what key words to put in your descriptions so that more potential buyers find their way to your art online. “Contemporary art” would of course be a good category, tag, and key word to use when putting a piece of contemporary fine art online. One of the best ways to make sure people are finding your art when they search for contemporary fine art online is to place one or two of the most powerful key words ( the most relevant ones ) in your description’s first sentence and in the tags area if you are making a blog or forum post about your art.Going further into working with descriptions for your art is an examination of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and essentially covers anything you do to get noticed by search engines like Google. Some SEO techniques include using key words in your text that are relevant to your subject matter, so in your case it would be words relevant to contemporary art. Don’t forget to include words relevant to the types of art you create such as paintings or sculptures as well since these might be popular search terms too. To make your descriptions search engine friendly write them well and make sure each one is unique since duplicate content is not as beneficial for you as original content.One more important thing you can do when posting and promoting your art online is to market your contemporary fine art work to contemporary art buyers who will searching for work like yours online. This means doing what I have mentioned above but also knowing when and where to talk about your work. Posting to art message boards, forums, and blogs is going to be much better than just posting on a random blog somewhere and hoping someone reads your post. You can also promote your contemporary art using social media sites and services like FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Regardless of how you promote your art it is important to have fun and spread the word about your work in a positive way.