Protecting the Environment Starts With You

If the truth is told, the reason why you must do your part to save the environment is because for every one person who is doing their part, there are probably about twenty other people who are not going to do their part. What this means is that the earth is not going to last very much longer.You may think that this is not your problem…and in reality, it is not. The chances are good that if you are reading this now, you are old enough to be dead before the earth is completely destroyed. But are your children that old? What about your children’s children, or their children, your great grandchildren? Will the earth still be inhabitable when they are adults? Will they even see adulthood? So, even though you are not working toward saving the environment for yourself, you at least owe future generations, your descendants, the opportunity to live in an environmentally sound world, don’t you?If you cannot do it for them, then you must think of yourself. Today, there are more cases of cancer than ever before in the history of the world, despite medical advances. Most causes of cancer can be traced back to something in the environment, asbestos, cigarette smoke, pesticides, refineries, and other toxins, even electricity clusters.So, if you cannot think of future generations, and you cannot think of the current population as a whole, a whole group of people who are all, essentially, in the same boat, at least think of your own health. The small changes, hat you make will not only have a huge impact on mankind and the earth, but they will also serve to enable you to live a healthier, longer life.If you cannot think of your health, think about the foods that you enjoy. All food, essentially, starts with soil or grass, water, and sunshine. If the environment continues to decline, you better believe that the food sources are going to dry up, or at the very least become unsafe.Finally, if you just cannot see any good reason why you should conserve energy and save the environment, look towards your pocket book. That’s right. By conserving energy and helping to save the environment, you will actually be saving yourself loads of money over the years.No matter what reason you find to save the environment – whether it is noble and self sacrificing, or totally selfish and self-serving, just understand that you must do your part to save the environment…the chances are good that few other people are going to do this for you.

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